Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

~ Mary Oliver. Sometimes.

This is my latest website.  As of Jan. 1, 2020, I’m in the process of setting it up — including this page, which I haven’t properly proofread.

My three formal practices, which I suppose will be what this site most reflects, are zazen, cultivating kindness, and writing.  By “formal practices” I mean things I do intentionally every day.

Zazen is Zen meditation practice.  While it takes the most time daily and imbues my life and thus this site with more [fill in the blank — wonder, purpose, aliveness, don’t knowness, etc., etc.], it’s unlikely I’ll write much about it.  One just does zazen.

The cultivating kindness practices are primarily an outgrowth of Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Training.  Their workshops have been life-changing for me.  In addition, there are some Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practices (in particular François Beausoleil’s Blame-Free State Project) that have had an astonishingly positive impact on my life.

As for writing, that needs no explanation.  However, unlike the other two practices, for me, for now, it’s complicated since it includes launching this website.  I’ve been, with great joy, developing websites since the dawn of Web time (i.e., 1994).  This past June, however, I realized the time had come to let this go.  That said, as I set up this website, I’m using those skills.  It’s both fun and frustrating.  I still love to code, but what I the prize here is not coding; it’s creating; it’s writing; it’s “tell[ing] about it.”

Anna Belle Leiserson