Spring Zen Cleaning

Spring and COVID-19 are here full-force in Nashville, so what better monthly practice than spring cleaning?  Add to the mix a deepening commitment to Zen (“chop wood, carry water”) practice and it becomes Spring Zen Cleaning.

What’s Involved?

It’s all about freshening up, lightening up, tidying up our beloved home. It’s decluttering a smidgen every day, deep cleaning some pain-points, and (gulp) taking on our once squirrel-infested crawl space.

It’s NOT about tackling the entire house.  To imagine conquering that in one month would be Cinderella-thinking.

Not that our house is that bad.  However, we’ve lived here over 35 years and, while I enjoy cleaning, for decades that’s typically taken a backseat to Web development — even since I formally retired from Vanderbilt in 2013.  Thus we have the crawl space and a couple of kissing cousins.  Also, when I did two KonMarie sweeps a few years ago, the things I never got to were sentimental items (read crawl space) and the kitchen.

Put all this together and I’m focusing on three areas:

  1. the kitchen;
  2. the crawl space;
  3. our laundry room closet (one of the crawl space’s cousins).

These are all big things, but with a month, I believe they’re doable.


Ah, the how.  That, of course, is Zen — the most important and (naturally) the hardest piece of all.  It’s prioritizing practice over results.

I’m excited.  My better half is not, but at least he’s mildly pleased with my enthusiasm — and a big part of this practice is being mindful of him and his needs.

I plan to report back sometime in May, though it’s not guaranteed, so I won’t say stay tuned.  Instead, let’s say be kind to yourself and others in these difficult weeks and stay well.